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mosquito repellent bracelet become hot select

Summer brings us not only the hot sun, and annoying mosquitoes, parents are most worried about is the baby's delicate skin, mosquito bites will yo allergies. So mosquito repellent Bracelet became a lot of mother's choice.

Mosquito repellent bracelet is in superfine fiber textile fabrics with natural essential oils, such as citronella oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, sporadic use of these volatile oils when the smell reached repellent purposes. Citronella is referred to as grasses Cymbopogon about 55 species of aromatic plants, also known as lemongrass, as one of common herbs. Citronella is from citronella plant extract (Cymbopogonnardus), belongs to Gramineae Cymbopogon, this oil has long been identified is a kind of insect oil (especially effective against malaria carrying mosquitoes). But its own volatile, and relatively low stimulation, the best agent Quantity usage

If the mosquito repellent bracelet is really made of pure natural citronella oil, moderate taste, does have a repellent effect, but the market of mosquito repellent Bracelet quality? How to have a pair of piercing eye in the selection of mosquito repellent bracelet, find 100% pure natural? According to the research report, the domestic mosquito repellent Bracelet market on the market a lot of dragons and fishes jumbled together. The product is three products, prices ranging from several tens to angle, using many chemical repellents, will cause some harm to the human body. So how to choose the regular natural mosquito repellent bracelet?

Choose the regular manufacturers, with trademark number products. Look at the packaging material products, because the oil will lose part of long time in the sun, so as to ensure the normal products, transportation and sales process without loss, generally use the opaque aluminum foil bag. Goods goods printing clear, full color. Fake color bleak, even a ghost feeling. A really good product after opening is dry, and inferior products will have the feeling greasy, sometimes dirty clothes. The natural plant product price is relatively high, a few dollars to tens of dollars of products, and is never pure natural extract.

mosquito repellent Bracelet

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