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Factory supplier baby mosquito repellent bracelet

Baby mosquito repellent bracelet with beautiful decoration and repel mosquitoes, many people will be skeptical of this product. If you are using a regular product you will cancel a baby mosquito repellent bracelet attitude, because the regular baby mosquito repellent bracelet is made of pure natural citronella oil, citronella is smell a bit thick. A kind of insect repellent herbs, can repel mosquitoes. If baby mosquito repellent bracelet is really made of pure natural citronella oil, without adding any other products, moderate taste, good mosquito repellent effect. So, in general, baby mosquito repellent bracelet has a certain effect, but also can not completely avoid mosquitoes.

Therefore, advised the public at the time of purchase, to carefully check whether the product is qualified products of regular manufacturers. In addition, for skin allergy to the public, be careful to buy genuine goods. The products will have a clear brand trademark, this is a concavity, and the fake goods concavity is very poor. Even the printing effect; there is a clear shield card printing bayonet, the bayonet on the fake genuine goods, the effect is very poor and there are burrs, rough.

When wearing baby mosquito repellent bracelet can directly contact skin according to the user's wrist or ankle buckle in the corresponding thickness hole. Can also be a baby mosquito repellent bracelet in the wrist, ankle, or in baby clothes buttonholes, baby carriages, backpacks and other portable office. Many people will use the product packaging bag discarded products, we recommend that you do not throw away the product packaging bags, because the bracelet when not in use can be put back in the bag, lift and self sealing bags can be saved directly to wear in the next time use, reduce the volatilization time of essential oils.

Baby mosquito repellent bracelet

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